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Want some help choosing a cue or some gift ideas? You can e-mail us or phone us any time on 01271 864922 with your budget and we will gladly make some suggestions and send you some links for you to consider. We’ve got some great products for snooker and pool players to choose from.

A superb butt jointed snooker cue

Traditional Snooker Cues.  In 9.5mm tip to 10mm tip sizes, available in 1pc, 2pc, and 3pc (butt-jointed) formats. We have  hundreds of cues to choose from in a range of prices from just £19 to £250. We have some of the worlds best known brand names such as BCE, Peradon, Powerglide, Mastercue and also including our own Blue Moon Cues which offer superb value for money. Most of our snooker cues also have joints in the bottom to accept Mini-butts and cue extensions. Most of our snooker cues / pool cues are genuine machine-spliced or hand-spliced with specially selected ash shafts. Click Here for our Snooker Cue Range


Laser Master PoolTraditional Pool cues. In 8mm tip to 8.5mm tip sizes and available in 3pc (butt-jointed) 2pc (mid-joint) and 1pc formats. Our range includes top brand cues from BCE, Riley, Peradon, Buffalo, and our own top quality of Blue Moon Cues.

Many of these cues are only available direct from ourselves and offer excellent value for money.

Available in Machine-spliced or Hand-spliced styles there are pool cues to suit every taste and budget. We would be happy to suggest some models if you advise us of your price range. Click Here for our Pool Cue Range


Cue+ pool cue 15bTelescopic Pool Cues and Snooker Cues. Telescopic equipment in the sport of snooker and pool was once thought of as just a gimmick.  Not anymore however, with continual use by the world’s top players and seen regularly on the television, the advantages of playing with this equipment cannot be denied. The player is able to alter the length of the cue by a simple twist of the wrist! This is quick and simple, it only takes a second, which means it doesn’t  break the player’s concentration.  In places where space is restricted (some local  league pool bars do have this problem) a player can shorten the cue to make the shot a far sight easier. Click Here for our Telescopic pool and snooker cues.


Extenda snooker cue extensionsProfessional telescopic snooker cue extensions designed, developed and manufactured in the U.K. As used by the worlds best snooker players and as seen on T.V you will be sure of getting the very best available should you buy one of these products from us. We can supply a wide range of Push-on telescopic cue extensions and Screw-on telescopic cue extensions that will suit all players. If you already have a cue but just want one of our telescopic screw-on extensions we can often get the joints to fit.

Of-course we are aware that there have been cheaper imported copies but beware that those can damage your cue as well as your game! Why not buy the genuine ones that are the best and the ones the professionals trust. Click Here for our Snooker Cue Extensions.

Cue cases for 1pc, 2pc and butt-jointed snooker and pool cues

Snooker Cue Cases and Pool Cue Cases to protect your cue and carry accessories.We have one of the best ranges of cue cases available on the internet. Small cases for 2pc cues, bigger cases for butt-jointed cues that will accept all a snooker players cue extensions, and a good selection of 1pc cue cases also. We have lockable cases, light weight aluminium cue cases and many different designs of leatherette cue cases  with suade effect interiors. If it is a cue case you are looking for take a look at our range and if you have any doubts about the right case for you please give us a ring and we will make sure you find one suitable for your needs. Click Here for details.

Professional telescopic table equipment.Telescopic Snooker Table equipment is regularly seen being used by the World’s Top Players on the T.V. and the same equipment is now available to you too!  If they believe it is a vital aid to their game, it must be for all players, and as one of our Reachmaster Snooker extensions does the job of both the Full and Half Butt, they are also great value for money as well.

Whether you have a table at home, or you just use them on your club’s main match table, you are sure to notice the difference when playing the long awkward shots that can very often decide a game.

Alternative Rest Heads can be applied, though there might be an extra charge for some types of rest heads. Click Here for details.

Accessorie product ._smallAccessoriesWork in progress! We’re working on it and adding accessories all the time. You are welcome to phone us to enquire if the item you want is not featured. We do supply most accessories and to view some of them Click Here.


Pool coaching DVD’s –  You can see details and some actual clips of these videos by clicking  HERE where you are sure to learn something that will improve your game.

There are 3 great pool coaching DVD’s that are sure to improve your game, make you a better player and help you to win more games. Featuring World Pool Champion Jason `Tornado` Twist the series covers everything from basic level for the beginner to expert tuition for the advanced player. Some players spend a fortune on cues without knowing the basics on how to play the game so making the small purchase of one of these videos we feel is money well spent.

There are also 2 Trick-shots DVD’s in the series.

Red-Ball-1.jpgGift ideas for under £10

Chalk pouchPlaying The Game To WinPool coaching video - Advanced TechniquesSoft cue case for 2pc (mid-joint) cueBall possitionerMagnetic chalk holder for snooker and poolQ Rite snooker rest extensionPioneer chalk greenSnooker and Pool Gift Card


32 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stuart Burton

    Purchased a Master Cue PB4 from Snookercues.com and can honestly say its the best cue I have ever played with, I have for some time owned cues from Cue Craft and Powerglide Professional but these are like broom handle compared to the feel of the Master Cue. The stiff shaft is brilliant as there is no deflection even on power shots whilst still giving great feed back for the ‘feel’ shots when making a break around the black and pink. Would highly recommend Master Cue and Snookercues.com for the excellent service they provided me with from my initial enquiry through to delivery. Will be back for a new case soon. Thanks.

  2. paul bunting

    Hi i perchased a 2pc `Lynton` pool cue, it performs as good as cues three times the price! have had a lot of interest from mates. i certainly has the quaility feel and look far and away more than any other cue in this price bracket! big thanks Paul (Norfolk)

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the nice comments Paul, we’re pleased you’re happy with it! Hope it wins you lots of matches, a big thanks for using us, much appreciatted.

  3. Art

    Just want to say thanks to Rob and snookercues.com for some great advice and a fantastic cue, it’s made all the difference.

  4. jamie

    Purchased a Master Cue Rocket from these guys last week.Communication was excellent.And the cue is fantastic.Great value for money.Cheaper than anyone else by at least £16,more than that in other places.

    If your in the market for a mater cue i’d recommend buying from these guys.

  5. Steve Bayliss

    Anyone know where to get just the blue knurled nut to tighten extentions up?
    They keep breaking them at my club and I have to replace the whole part because they keep overtightening them.

  6. gagan

    Hello dear admin.

    I just want to know that which is the best among bce cue or master cue? And I am intreseted for buying a cue along with all the additional tools with it like extentions and cue case etc.and tell me the whole pricing of the full product including freight charges to india.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Gagan, I would say that generally speaking Master cues are better quality then BCE but it could depend on exactly what models you are interested in. Likewise, I would not be able to price up carraige costs until you have decided which package you want. Check through our website for a package that is within your requirements for price and quality and I will then search for the most cost effective postal method.

  7. stephanie critchley

    please, please,will you let me now as soon as this becomes available again,”1 Piece Club Tube Snooker or Pool Cue Case”
    I have been looking for one for a long time to give to my husband .
    regards mrs s critchley.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Stephanie, yes of-course I will do but these cases are now difficult to get hold of. I do not know if any suppliers but if anyone can advise I will try to get a few in stock. Most customers prefer cases instead and we have cases to fit most cue requirements, but the case you are looking for is more like a club case which can be hung up. I’ll do my best to find one for you.

  8. tony

    Can you let me know when you have in stock the Ronnie o’sullivan one piece or two piece master cue? Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tony, do you want an 8.5mm for pool, or 9.5mm for snooker?

      We do not have any Rocket 1pc or butt-jointed snooker, but we do have some Mastercue 1pc `Superb` snooker cues presently in stock.

      We will be getting some more Rockets in stock as soon as we can.

  9. Tom

    Hi could you give me a rough idea when you have the one piece master cue rocket available for purchase?



    1. admin Post author

      Sorry, we will not likely be getting more 1pc Rocket snooker cues in until the end of the summer. We have some 1pc Rocket pool but although you do not state it, I presume you want the snooker version.

  10. Lee M

    Hi there, been passed your website by a friend who bought a English pool cue from you and has been really impressed. I’m looking at a telescopic cue, 8 or 8.5mm if possible and I was also wondering what would be the best case to use to transport it in?

    Thanks for your assistance!

  11. lasertest

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after
    looking at many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking
    it and checking back regularly!

  12. John

    Hi can you give me a quotation on the shipping cot of the 2 piece `Newberry` Hand-spliced snooker cue with 9.5mm tip to Western Malaysia

    1. admin Post author

      Please supply your full address details including any post codes and we will source the cheapest postage costs when we re-open on the 14th April from our holiday shutdown.Please note any postage quotation will only be based on the exact goods you ask us to quote on. Any additional products will effect postage costs, but just foe a single cue on it’s own, I estimate it will be around £20 to £25 but I will confirm on my return with advice on how to pay.

      Please also note the card company will only allow us to send to the card holders address and they will do a security check before giving us authorisation to proceed with your order.

      Kind Regards,

      Rob Field
      Blue Moon Leisure – snookercues.com

    2. admin Post author

      Hi John, I can confirm the cost of posting a 2pc cue to Malaysia is £22. Please note that this is for the cue only and does not include any cue extensions or other extensions. Any extra pieces would likely put the postage costs up.. If you wanted to proceed please advise and I will inform you of the methods you can use to make payment but I can advise the cards any card details will be security checked..

  13. Michael Hamilton-Sinclair

    Good Morning Rob, My name is Mr Hamilton-Sinclair and i am looking for a snooker case that can take up to 4 pieces that’s a two piece cue one mini butt and a telescopic extension which when closed is 22inches mini butt 7inches and the cue is 58inches when together. Do you have anything that can take all that.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    Michael Hamilton-Sinclair

  14. Aqeel Chohan

    We checked your company web site. We are intrested on your company. We are from “SHARIF SPORTS”.We are manufacturer of Sports Goods. We have a link to “CA Sports,HS Sports,Malik Sports,MOdal Sports,AJ sports,Ihsan Sports,AS Sports” We deliver Cricket Stumps and Cricket goods. We Established IN Since 1965. I hope you want to business Deal with us and gave a chance to do something specialy for your company. We want to create relationship with your company, We hope now you can contact with us. http://www.sharifsports.com our web site plz visit our web.

    I’m highly thank full for your response.


    1. admin Post author

      We do not presently sell any cricket equipment but if you wish to send us details for future consideration please forward to info@bluemoonleisure.com and not through the website . We are busy at the moment but I will check out your own website when I have time. Thank you for your interest.

  15. Michael Hamilton -Sinclair

    Hi Rob Mike Hamilton-Sinclair here,just wondering if the leather pouch chalk holder that ordered from you is coming with the snooker case. If not could I please have sent to me please. You have my card number to use for payment.
    Kind Regards

    Mike Hamilton-Sinclair

  16. Glenn Goodwin

    Hi I am looking to buy two end snooker table rests that will extend to use a full table rests, and one extendable side cue that will reach full length. Do you have any in stock? And what price? Thanks Glenn

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Glenn, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, we have these in stock, in fact we make them and they are the same as you see being used on T.V. If you check out our rests webpage by clicking HERE . If this link does not work please give us a ring on 01271 864922. We do not sell many extendable cues for the rests as most players prefer to use their own cues where they can by using Blueray or Extenda cue extensions. However as we make them we can supply a cue for these extensions if it is what you prefer.


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